Camporee is Cancelled

The district has decided to cancel the Camporee in consideration of the recent virus outbreak. These unprecedented world events and the fact that we no longer have a viable campout has prompted the need to cancel the campout entirely until conditions improve.

If you have bought groceries please do your best to freeze or preserve food, I understand that some things are perishable. If you have not bought food yet please hold the grub money and the list of those that have paid until we can re schedule our campout. I’m sorry that this has happened at the last minute but the circumstances are new to all of us and we must act accordingly and be cautious.

And by the way, I know that school has been cancelled so I’m anticipating a rush on advancements and finished merit badges over the next few weeks right?

I will be sending more schedule updates in the near future.

John Douglas

District Camporee (3/13/20 to 3/15/20)

Packing List:  

See “Campout Checklist” on our website at 


It will be raining a good portion of the weekend.  Everyone needs to bring the following:

  1. Raingear
  2. Waterproof boots. 
  3. Extra clothing.  NOTE: Avoid cotton clothing if possible (i.e. Jeans and cotton sweatshirts).  Cotton clothing will not dry, instead use wool socks and synthetic pants, shirts and jackets.
  4. Ground cloth for your tent.  NOTE: Be sure to tuck the ends of the ground cloth under the tent to prevent water from pooling between the ground cloth and the tent floor.

Departure Time:  

Be at the church Friday at 5:30. Leaving at 6:00.  Eat supper before you arrive.

Return Time:  

12:30 on Sunday.


Raining most of the weekend with a low of 49 degrees.  Be prepared to protect yourself and your gear from getting wet.


$15 (includes travel costs and a Patch) plus $12 Cash for Grub Money.


Scouts will cook as patrols.  Each patrol should assign a grub master that will collect the $12/scout grub money and do the grocery shopping for their patrol.  Each patrol should plan for the following: Saturday: Hot Breakfast, Cold Lunch, Hot Supper.  Sunday:Cold Breakfast.    


Lake DeGray State Park

2027 State Park Entrance Rd

Bismarck, AR 71929


Log lift, Blindfolded tent set up, Map and compass orienteering, Fire starting, Dutch oven cook off (desserts), OA Campfire, skits, Campsite inspection.


Friday:  Meet at church at 5:30. Depart at 6:00


Saturday:  Scouts will participate in camporee activities.


Sunday:  Camp cleanup.  Chapel (Class A required).  Depart by 11:15 return to church at 12:30.

Summer Camp 2020

Troop 99 Parents, Leaders, and Scouts:
Registration is open right now for Summer Camp which will take place June 7th – 13th!

Quapaw Area Council’s Boy Scout camping takes place at Camp Rockefeller, located in Damascus, Arkansas. Camp Rockefeller has something for everyone. New Boy Scouts receive special instruction through our First Year Camper Program called* R.O.C.K.S.* (Please see attached/Class Catalog for further details on the R.O.C.K.S. program). Boy Scouts have 30+ merit badges to choose from in a variety of fields including Ecology and Conservation, Aquatics, Handicraft, Outdoor Skills, First Aid, STEM, Media/Tech, and Shooting Sports. Nowhere else in the BSA Southern Region will you find such an amazing opportunity for learning, adventure, and fun. Camp Rockefeller is truly the perfect place to get away from it all or get in the mix. This summer is going to be one of the best summers ever. You don’t want to miss it.

I have attached a *Registration form* for parents/scouts to fill out in order to allow me to register them for camp and a* Summer Class Catalog* with descriptions of each class. Finally, I have also attached the most current *BSA Medical forms, Parts A, B, and C, (Revision 2019)*. *Please do not use any older versions*. Please schedule soon with your personal physician to have *Part C* completed; these forms need to be turned into *Mrs. Sandra Gillespie* as soon as possible for both, Boy Scouts and Adult Leaders, attending camp.

In order to prepare both our parents and our scouts for Summer Camp, we will have a Parent Meeting very soon, in conjunction with one of our troop meetings. Further, as part of our preparation for camp, the troop will conduct mandatory BSA Swim Tests at a local pool. These tests are used to determine ability level, so that participants can take part in aquatic activities appropriate to their abilities to help ensure their safety. Stay tuned for further details.

Cost per scout is regularly priced at* $305 each*, but for a limited time you may qualify for *Early-Bird pricing* of *$255 each*. *To qualify* for Early-Bird pricing, a *deposit of $100* must be received by *March 30, 2020* and then the remaining *$155* by *April 27, 2020*. In order to offset costs for camp, the troop encourages all scouts to participate in *Camp Card sales*. *Registration fees and BSA Medical forms* need to be turned into *Mrs. Sandra Gillespie* as soon as possible.

For those scouts that want to attend, but may not be able to afford the registration costs; the Quapaw Area Council offers a partial camp scholarship program. This is made possible through the generosity of people who donate funds to the Friends of Scouting Campaign. These partial scholarships are available only to registered Quapaw Area Council Scouts who have a legitimate financial need. All information is handled with confidentiality. Application forms will be available upon request; please see Scoutmaster, Mr. John Douglas, for further assistance.

In regards to completing the *Registration forms*, please circle and number the items you want to register for by associated times and provide me with at least (3) choices for each period, (Not applicable to younger scouts in the R.O.C.K.S. program.) For example, one possible selection for a scout might go something like this: Digital Tech from 9:00-9:50, Pioneering 10:00 – 10:50, Moviemaking 11:00 – 11:50 and Canoeing 2:00 – 4:30. Once you have a chance to look over the schedule, you can garner a better understanding of what we are looking for. *The sooner you turn in your registration forms–the better chance your scout will have to get their first choice of merit badge/activities.*

The *completed registration forms* should be turned into* Mr. John or Mrs. Amanda McAlister* at Troop Meetings or sent to Mr. McAlister by email, ( ), with the scout’s selection of merit badges they wish to work on, (Older scouts) / ROCKS Class for first-timers at Summer Camp.

Regards, John

*John P. McAlister *| Advancement Coordinator
*Boy Scout Troop 99, Benton, AR **Cell*: (501) 259-9066 *Email*:

Survival Weekend (2/21/20 to 2/23/20)

Packing List:  

See “Campout Checklist” on our website at  

Departure Time:  

Be at the church Friday at 5:30. Leaving at 6:00.  Eat supper before you arrive.

Return Time:  

12:30 on Sunday.  Bring cash for McDonalds.


It will be cold (24 degrees on Friday) and possibly rainy.  Bring warm clothes and appropriate sleeping gear.


$10 travel costs and $12 Cash for Grub Money plus money for McDonalds on Sunday.


Saturday: Hot Breakfast, Cold Lunch, Hot Supper.  Sunday: Cold Breakfast.  John Douglas is purchasing the food for the Scouts.  Nate Felton is purchasing the food for the Adults.  Each patrol will be responsible for cooking their own meals using the ingredients provided. 


Gus Blass Scout Reservation (Damascus, AR)

Short-Term Camping Area (Parade Field 3 and Yucca Flat)


Wilderness Survival.  Each patrol will construct their own shelter to sleep in on Saturday night.  Patrols will need to ensure they have all the necessary materials to construct their shelter (tarps, ropes, etc).


Friday:  Meet at church at 5:30. Depart at 6:00.  Scouts will setup camp and sleep in tents/hammocks.  It will be very cold.  Plan accordingly.


Saturday:  Scouts will work on Wilderness Survival Merit Badge.  Each patrol will build a primitive shelter to sleep in on Saturday night.  Scouts will cook as a patrol using the ingredients provided.


Sunday:  Camp cleanup.  Chapel (Class A required).  Depart by 10:15. McDonalds and return to church at 12:30.

OHT Section 3 Backpacking Trip (1/31/2020 to 2/2/2020)

Date:  1/31/2020 to 2/2/2020
Departure Time:  Be at the church Friday at 5:00.  Leaving at 5:30 
Return Time:  1:30 on Sunday.  Watch your email.  We will send an email if we expect to return early or late.
Emergency Contact:  Mike McFarland 501-351-4728
Cost:  $15, plus food, plus cash for McDonald’s on the way home.
Shakedown/Packing (See attached Checklist)
If you did not participate in Monday’s Shakedown, be there at 5:00 to have your pack inspected.  Lesson Learned: Scouts that have never been on a backpacking trip need to have both a shakedown, pack fitting, and a short practice hike to make pack adjustments.
Food (See attached Food Guide)
2 Breakfast, 1 Trail Lunch, 1 Supper, and Trail Snacks.  Everyone should have a food buddy.  Bring money for McDonald’s on the way home.
Location: Section 3 of the Ozark Highlands Trail (North of the Mulberry River off Hwy 23)
Friday – Leave church at 5:30 (Drive time is 3 Hours).
Short Hikers will camp near the trailhead for the long hike.  NOTE:  There is a small campsite about 0.1 miles down the OHT towards Hare Mountain.
Long hikers will night hike 2.3 miles to Hare Mountain and camp.  Be sure to have Fresh Batteries in your Flashlight.
Saturday – Short Hikers will break camp and shuttle the cars (45 minute drive) to the end of trail (Lick Branch) and hike 3 miles into the Marinoni Scenic Area and camp.  NOTE: There is a creek crossing at Lick Branch. The short hikers should plan to be on the trail no later than 10:00. This way they will have enough time to take their time on the hike and enjoy it. If you have people that need water, plan to be at Lick Branch by 9:15 to pump water. 

The long hikers will hike 11 miles from Hare Mountain to the Marinoni Scenic Area and meet the Short Hikers.  NOTE:  There are at least 5 creek crossings aryound mile 4.5. Be prepared to use water shoes rather than trying to cross without getting your feet wet. There is another very large creek crossing around mile 6 that was above the knees. 
Sunday – Both Long and Short Hikers will hike 3 miles back to the parking area (Lick Branch) and head to McDonald’s for a victory meal before heading home.