Wilderness Survival Campout (1/27/2023 to 1/29/2023)


Wilderness Survival

Shelter Building

Cooking over open fires

Scout Skills


Gus Blass Short-Term Camping Area (35.36849481608671, -92.45482798136472)


NOTE:  The Google Maps link above will get you close, but the road to the Short-Term Camping is not marked in Google Maps.  Once you get to Gus Blass, use the map linked below to find the road to the Short-Term Camping area.

Map of the area that shows the Road to the Short-Term Camping Area.


Departure Time:  

Meet Friday at 5:30 at the Church.  Depart at 6:00. 

Webelo Scouts can either follow the Boy Scouts from the church or meet at the Gus Blass Short-Term Camping Area any time after 7:00. 

Return Time:  

Sunday at 12:30 at the Church.  Watch your email for time changes.


Boy Scouts: $20

Plus $12 cash.  Paid to your Grub Master.

Packing List: 

Tent or hammock for Friday night. 

No Patrol Boxes on this campout.  Bring a mess kit (Plate, bowl, fork, spoon, etc).

Be prepared for cold weather and Rain.  

Bring the following items in addition to the items in the checklist linked below:

  • Compass
  • Mess Kit (Plate, bowl, fork, spoon, etc).
  • Rain Gear (Jacket and Pants)
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Extra Clothes and Socks
  • Sleeping Pad to insulate you from the ground.  (i.e. Closed Cell Foam Pad or insulated sleeping pad.)
  • Sleeping Bag rated at a minimum of 20 degrees. 
  • If you do not have a cold weather sleeping bag, bring multiple sleeping bags and/or blankets. 
  • Warm Hat
  • Warm Gloves
  • Multiple layers of warm clothes
    • Base layer: long underwear
    • Middle layer: Normal clothes, fleece or puffy jacket
    • Outer layer: Heavy Jacket to protect you from rain and wind.

Scouts will sleep in shelters Saturday night.

See Campout Checklist on our website.



Eat supper before you arrive on Friday. 

Patrol Cooking.

$12 Paid to your Grub Master.


COLD.  Lows in the 30’s, highs around 50.

Rain showers on Saturday.