Philmont Training and Shakedown Schedule

Below is the training and Shakedown schedule for the Philmont Trip.

Monday 5/24 7:00-8:30 pm – Gear Shakedown #1 at the Church.
Thursday 6/3 6:00-6:15 pm – COVID Test at the Church for anyone who needs to be tested.  Everyone MUST arrive at 6:00, please do not be late.  Results will be provided shortly after the test is administered. 
Thursday 6/3 6:30-8:30 pm – Gear Shakedown #2 at the Church. If you pass the shakedown, your gear will be stored in the trailer.
Friday 6/4 7:00 pm – All gear in the trailer. Those that did not pass Shakedown #2, will have a final Shakedown.
Saturday 6/5 7:00 am – Depart for Philmont. Meet at Church. Eat breakfast before you arrive.
Sunday 6/20 – Return from Philmont

COPE and Scout Skills Campout (4/16/2021 to 4/18/2021)

Key things:

  1. Everyone must print and sign the attached is a Council COVID Risk form and bring with you on Friday.
  2. COPE starts on Friday Night at 7:00.  We will leave promptly at 6:00.  Please don’t be late.
  3. Scout Skills Participants:  Instead of bringing bikes, bring a fishing gear.  There is a lake nearby that is well stocked with catfish.
  4. COPE Participants, pack quick meals. 
  5. Scout Skills Participants will have time to cook.  Look over the various cooking requirements that you need to complete and plan accordingly. 
  6. Pack a Sunday Lunch.  The COPE program has activities on Sunday.  There is a chance we will not leave until after lunch.
  7. Watch your email for the return time on Sunday because we are unsure when the COPE program will finish.


COPE Course and Scout Skills for scouts that are working on the following ranks:  Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class.


Gus Blass Scout Reservation
Short-Term Camping Area
Parade Field 3, Yucca Flat, Quails Roost, Pine Flat Campsites

Departure Time:  

Meet Friday (3/12) at 5:30 at the Church.  Depart at 6:00. 

Return Time:  

Sunday 3/14 afternoon TBD.  There is a COPE program Sunday morning and we are not sure when it will end.  Watch your email for the return time on Sunday.


$10 Scout Skills, $35 COPE, plus money for McDonalds if time allows.

COVID Precautions:

Please complete the attached COVID Camp participant Risk Statement.

We will be following the BSA and Department of Health guidelines as our safety plan.

Everyone will be expected to have a mask and wear it when needed. 

Food will be individually purchased and cooked separately from others.   We will not be utilizing patrol boxes so bring your own utensils and anything that you require for your meals. 

Please have a conversation with your scout before departure so that the rules are clearly understood. 

Packing List: 

Rain Gear
Fishing Pole for Scout Skills Participants.

See Campout Checklist on our website.


Eat supper before you arrive on Friday.  There is a chance we will depart after lunch on Sunday.  Be sure to bring lunch on Sunday.

COPE Participants need to plan for quick meals.

Scout Skills Participants will have more time to cook.

Each scout will be responsible for providing food for the following meals:
Saturday Breakfast
Saturday Lunch (Cold that will fit in a Daypack)
Saturday Supper
Sunday Breakfast
Sunday Lunch

Money for McDonald’s on Sunday.


Friday:  High, Upper 50’s, Low Upper 40’s.  50% chance of rain at night.
Saturday:  High, mid 60’s.  Low 40’s.  Cloudy


5:30 – Meet at church, pack trailers.
6:00 – Depart from church.
7:00 – COPE Check-in and Program Starts
Setup Camp

COPE and Scout Skills

COPE program wrap-up