Petit Jean Campout (11/20/2020 to 11/22/2020)


Explore Caves, a Natural Bridge, and the Grotto on the Seven Hollows Trail. 
Bolder climbing and exploring the Bear Caves Area.


Petit Jean State Park. Campsites 69 & 70

Departure Time:  

Meet at 5:30 on 11/20 at the Church, depart by 6:00.

Return Time:  

12:30 Sunday.  Pickup at the Church.


$20 plus money for McDonalds

COVID Precautions:

We will be following the BSA and Department of Health guidelines as our safety plan. Everyone must sleep in separate tents and no stacking hammocks. 

Everyone will be expected to have a mask and wear it when needed. 

Food will be individually purchased and cooked separately from others.   We will not be utilizing patrol boxes so bring your own utensils and anything that you require for your meals. 

Please have a conversation with your youth before departure so that the rules are clearly understood. 

Packing List: 


Daypack for Saturday.

Campsite Games to play at the campsite.

See Campout Checklist on our website.


Eat supper before you arrive on Friday. 

Each scout will be responsible for providing their own food for the following meals: 

Saturday Breakfast (Hot or Cold)

Saturday Lunch that will fit in a Daypack

Saturday Supper

Sunday Breakfast (Cold)

Money for McDonald’s on Sunday.


High of 71 degrees.  51 degrees at night. 



5:30 – Meet at church, pack trailers.

6:00 – Depart from church.

Setup Camp


6:00 – Wakeup, Breakfast

7:30 – 2:30 – Hike the Seven Hollows Trail (Explore Caves, a Natural Bridge, and the Grotto).  Eat lunch on the trail.

2:30 – 4:00 – Bolder climbing and exploring the Bear Caves Area.

4:00 – Until – Campsite games.  Scouts to bring campsite games to play.


6:00 – Wakeup, Breakfast

9:30 – Camp cleaned up and trailers loaded.  Depart for Chapel at the CCC Overlook.

9:45 – Chapel at the CCC Overlook.

10:15 – Depart with goal of stopping at McDonalds

12:30 – Arrive at church.