Trout Fishing on the Little Red River (10/23 to 10/25)


Trout Fishing on the Little Red River below the Greer’s Ferry Dam.


Heber Springs, AR.

Camping at Greer’s Ferry Dam Site Recreation Area.  Sites K01 and K02 (

Fishing at John F. Kennedy Park below the Greer’s Ferry Dam (3 Miles from Campsite).

Departure Time:  

Meet at 5:30 on Friday at the Church, depart by 6:00.

Return Time:  

1:00 Sunday.  Pickup at the Church.


$20.  Plus money for McDonald’s on Sunday.

COVID Precautions

Wear your mask as we will be wearing them in the vehicles on the ride to the park. 

We will be following the BSA and Department of Health guidelines as our safety plan. Everyone must sleep in separate tents and no stacking hammocks. 

Food will be individually purchased and cooked separately from others.   We will not be utilizing patrol boxes so bring your own utensils and anything that you require for your meals. 

Please have a conversation with your youth before departure so that the rules are clearly understood. 

Fishing License: 

If you are 16 years or older, you will need to purchase a Fishing License and a “Resident Trout Permit (TPR)”.  These can be purchased online at most sporting goods stores (Walmart, Academy, Bass Pro, etc) or online at

Fishing Regulations:

No fishing within 100 yards of Greers Ferry Dam. A trout permit is required to fish in this area. Anglers may use no more than one fishing rod or pole at a time and must attend it at all times. Multiple point hooks with barbs are allowed, unless fishing with bait or inside the Catch-and-Release Areas (see below). Bait fishing only allowed with a single hooking point. No other devices may be used to catch fish, except bait tackle to catch baitfish. Daily limit of 5 trout; only 1 trout over 16 inches may be kept.

CATCH-AND-RELEASE AREAS: All trout must be released immediately when fishing in a Catch and Release Area. Only artificial lures or flies may be used (natural or scented baits are not allowed). In JFK and Mossy Catch-and-Release Areas, multiple-point barbless hooks may be used. Chumming is not allowed. Catching bait with bait tackle is not allowed.

JFK Catch-and-Release Area: 100 yards below Greers Ferry Dam downstream to approximately 0.5 miles downstream to the last Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery effluent outfall in John F. Kennedy Park, as indicated by signs.

Packing List: 

The Troop will provide Hooks and Bait.

Each scout needs to bring a Fishing Pole.  If you do not have a fishing pole, please let Mr. Douglas know and he will bring an extra pole for you to use. 

Daypack for Saturday.

Bring a Life Jacket if you plan to fish standing in the water.  NOTE:  The water is about 50 Degrees.  If you want to stand in the water, bring waterproof boots or waders.  Life Jacks must be worn if standing in the water. 

See Campout Checklist for a list of additional gear to bring.  See link below.


Eat supper before you arrive on Friday. 

Each scout will be responsible for providing their own food for the following meals: 

Saturday Breakfast (Hot or Cold)
Saturday Lunch that will fit in a Daypack
Sunday Breakfast (Cold)

The troop will provide supper on Saturday night.  Main course will be the fish you catch.  Hot Dogs will be available for those who do not want to eat fish.

Money for McDonald’s on Sunday.


High of 57 Degrees on Saturday, low of 46 Degrees. 
50% chance of rain Friday night.



5:30 – Meet at church, pack trailers.

6:00 – Depart from church.

Setup Camp


Fishing on the Little Red at John J Kennedy Park


1:00 – Arrive at church.