Summer Camp 2020 Plan

Packing List: 

See Attached Packing List

Items to bring that are not on our usual list:

Face masks – bring extra

Life-jackets – mandatory to swim or canoe

Personal tent – no sharing tents

Water guns – for water wars

Compass – for Orienteering, anyone not 1st class who has not taken this yet will take it here

Fishing equipment

Departure Time:  

Be at the church Tuesday 7/28 at 5:00 pm. Leaving at 6:00 pm.  Eat supper before you arrive.

Return Time:  

5:00 pm on Sunday. 


It will be HOT. 

60%-90% chance of Rain. 

Be Prepared.


$125 (Scouts), $65 (Adults)

Medical Form Parts A, B, C Required

COVID-19 Waiver Required **See Attached


All food is provided


Ross Rhodes Reservation

987 Chestnut Dr

Bismarck, AR 71929

Emergency Contacts:

Cell Phone Service is spotty, so please leave a message or send a text message if no one answers.

John Douglas 501-920-0928

Mark Thomas 501-454-6759

Mike McFarland 501-351-4728


See attached Detailed Schedule


Tuesday:  Meet at church at 5:00. Depart at 6:00. 

Wednesday to Saturday:  Camp Activities.  See Attached

Sunday:  Chapel, Camp Cleanup, Merit Badge Wrap-up.  Return to Church by 5:00.