OHT Section 3 Backpacking Trip (1/31/2020 to 2/2/2020)

Date:  1/31/2020 to 2/2/2020
Departure Time:  Be at the church Friday at 5:00.  Leaving at 5:30 
Return Time:  1:30 on Sunday.  Watch your email.  We will send an email if we expect to return early or late.
Emergency Contact:  Mike McFarland 501-351-4728
Cost:  $15, plus food, plus cash for McDonald’s on the way home.
Shakedown/Packing (See attached Checklist)
If you did not participate in Monday’s Shakedown, be there at 5:00 to have your pack inspected.  Lesson Learned: Scouts that have never been on a backpacking trip need to have both a shakedown, pack fitting, and a short practice hike to make pack adjustments.
Food (See attached Food Guide)
2 Breakfast, 1 Trail Lunch, 1 Supper, and Trail Snacks.  Everyone should have a food buddy.  Bring money for McDonald’s on the way home.
Location: Section 3 of the Ozark Highlands Trail (North of the Mulberry River off Hwy 23)
Friday – Leave church at 5:30 (Drive time is 3 Hours).
Short Hikers will camp near the trailhead for the long hike.  NOTE:  There is a small campsite about 0.1 miles down the OHT towards Hare Mountain.
Long hikers will night hike 2.3 miles to Hare Mountain and camp.  Be sure to have Fresh Batteries in your Flashlight.
Saturday – Short Hikers will break camp and shuttle the cars (45 minute drive) to the end of trail (Lick Branch) and hike 3 miles into the Marinoni Scenic Area and camp.  NOTE: There is a creek crossing at Lick Branch. The short hikers should plan to be on the trail no later than 10:00. This way they will have enough time to take their time on the hike and enjoy it. If you have people that need water, plan to be at Lick Branch by 9:15 to pump water. 

The long hikers will hike 11 miles from Hare Mountain to the Marinoni Scenic Area and meet the Short Hikers.  NOTE:  There are at least 5 creek crossings aryound mile 4.5. Be prepared to use water shoes rather than trying to cross without getting your feet wet. There is another very large creek crossing around mile 6 that was above the knees. 
Sunday – Both Long and Short Hikers will hike 3 miles back to the parking area (Lick Branch) and head to McDonald’s for a victory meal before heading home.